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Spotify made for you

Spotify keeps adding news ways to keep users engaged. Playlists based on your favorite artists & most played tracks are heavily promoted. So which ones are currently available? And which ones are the best? At the end of the year, it has become a tradition to listen to Spotify’s wrap-up of ‘Your Top Songs‘. Revisiting … Read more

Most played songs in 2018

Every year it’s kind of exciting: which songs does Spotify show you as your favorite – or most listened-to artists? Sometimes you think “this isn’t right, I hardly played that song”. Often there’s the recognition and you’ll start playing them all over again. Well done Spotify to remind me of my excellent taste in music … Read more

Just a work playlist

At the office we often have music playing in the background. It’s nice – or sometimes not so nice 😉 – to hear other people’s musical tastes. This year I’ve compiled a nice playlist with a mix of recent and older tracks. A bit of soul, reggae, alternative dance, hip-hop, latin and more. In case … Read more