Global search and social media report 2015

The UK based SEO & digital marketing agency Webcertain recently released their 2015 Global Search And Social Media Report. The report lists a number of pretty interesting developments:

  • Active Facebook usage is declining (as opposed to a mere passive membership)
  • Pinterest, Tumblr & Instagram are the fastest-growing networks worldwide
  • In China, Baidu still is the most popular search engine but search engines like Haoso and Sogou have become important players
  • 80% of all Saudi web users have a Twitter account
  • India will become the 2nd largest player in the global internet market, surpassing the US.

Download the full publication here (registration required), or check out the stats below.

Webcertain global search and social report-2015-1

Webcertain global search and social report 2015-2

Webcertain global search and social report 2015-3

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