SEO quiz – test your SEO knowledge

After my recent guest lecture at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, an assignment was shared with the students to see if they actually paid attention (ha ha). Would you like to know what your level of SEO knowledge is? Why don’t you give it a try too.

1. Which of these elements of a web page is most important to search engines? (please select one). Explain your answer.

A) Introduction
B) Page title
C) Image(s)
D) Meta keywords.


2. Please give your opinion on the following statements. Are they true or false?

A. When you do a Google search, you can find everything that has been published on the world wide web
B. You can reach no. 1 positions in Google search results as long as you spend sufficient amounts of cash
C. When other websites link to your web page, this will improve the ranking of the page in search results
D. You should not change the information on a web page once published; Google doesn’t like changes
E. Google wants to keep its ranking mechanism a secret, therefore it is not possible to know how Google perceives your website
F. As the title of a page is very important to SEO, in the title you should try to at least use your main keyword to rank better for that keyword.


3. In general, which actions will help improve the rankings of your web pages? (Please select one or more)

A. Publish articles that help people with the issues they face in their daily lives.
B. Copy articles from popular, well-known websites and republish them on your own site.
C. Enable users to create their own articles on your site, or ask questions (forum).
D. Persuade other, topically relevant websites to link to you.
E. Use the words you want to rank for at least three times in each paragraph.


4. You are publishing an article, and in the text you want to link to another page on your website. The best way to do this is:

A. Put the link in the text ‘click here’, so users easily recognize where to click.
B. Put the link in a few words that describe what is on the page you’re linking to.
C. Don’t add links to other pages, this will negatively impact the pagerank of the page you are publishing.


5. Site structure is important to SEO:
different sections of a website should be clearly labeled so users and search engines understand what the site is about. Like the main topics a news website publishes on, or product categories of a commercial site.

With this in mind, can you describe what this website is about? .
Please mention the main theme(s).


Like to know the answers? Shoot me an email at  [info @]. I’d like to be able to reuse these questions in future guest lectures 🙂 .

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