AI in search: beyond the hype

About a year ago, ChatGPT was launched. The power of Large Language Models suddenly came into the hands of anyone who took the trouble to discover how this new technology works, and what you can do with it. After that, things developed really fast: in February 2023, Microsoft announced Bing Chat, a combination of the … Read more

Yoastcon 2019: more than just SEO

Yoastcon panel discussion

Image: Yoastcon’s Panel discussion with Joost de Valk, Rand Fishkin, Kate Toon, Marieke van de Rakt, Jono Alderson. The third edition of Yoastcon, the online marketing conference organized by the people behind, took place on 7-8 February 2019. Yes, two days, which was a first and provided ample opportunity to schedule a wide range … Read more